We strongly recommend you do not use Google or Apple unsubscribe links as they do not actually unsubscribe your address from any list.

 Why do we recommend that you do not use the Google or Apple unsubscribe links?  The Simple answer - They don't work!

Google and Apple have added programs to identify email that appears to be from an email list and adds an "unsubscribe" link in a popup on the mail. Please read the information on the popup. Although it is called an "unsubscribe" link there is nothing in that link that will actually unsubscribe your address. The links aren't even designed to unsubscribe your address.  Instead it sends a email requesting that your address be unsubscribed.  The link does not unsubscribe your address.

We do not want to keep you on any list you do not want to be on. That is why we remove people from all lists as quickly as possible when they want to unsubscribe. Please help us do this by using one of the unsubscribe links in the actual email. These will actually unsubscribe you automatically and almost immediately. We have at lease two links to unsubscribe on each email. We don't hide them. We don't want to bother you with an unwanted email.

What happens if you use the Google or Apple links?
Both apple and google will send a request to unsubscribe and we do honor those requests if possible. Those requests do create problems. First of all they do not work with the automated system to unsubscribe.  They only send an email to us. Sometimes it is sent to the correct address and other times it isn't.  In fact Apple never sends them to the correct address. These email may be sent to a nonworking address or sent to the wrong department. In our case Apple sends them to a address that is not checked each day. If there is a weekend or holiday the delay is even longer. When the email is seen, provided it didn't accidentally get caught in a spam filter, the email is then forwarded to the correct place. When received by the right department your subscription must then be manually removed from the system. If you are on more than on list the Apple and Google request will remove you from all lists even if you only wanted removed from one. The information sent to us does not specify your preferences.  As you can see, the Google and Apple links will take much longer and will not be as accurate.

What happens if you use one of  the unsubscribe links included in the email?
Using one of the links in the email will remove your subscription immediately.  It is also more accurate.  If you are subscribed to more than one list you can choose which lists to keep and which to remove.  We don't hide unsubscribe links and we try to keep the process as simple as possible. When you click on an unsubscribe link it take you to a page that displayed the title for each list you are on. Remove check marks by any list you no longer want. Leave any lists that you do want checked. Click "update" and you preferences have changed.  If you want to be removed from all lists simply click the button labeled "Unsubscribe from all". As you can see using the proper method helps us and your self.

Why are we so willing to remove you from our lists?
Well actually we would love to keep you on our email list, but it makes no sense you keep you on the list if you want off.  It only make you angry. We like people to come to our website, use the information, and even tell others about it.  Forcing you to stay on our list would not help our website. That is why we try to provide information about our lists.  We want you to feel comfortable about getting on and getting off our lists. We hope our lists are useful and we do change them from time to time to be more helpful.  We do not forget our promise to you. We don't sell trade or give away your email address. We thank you for your support and will do our best to earn your confidence.