We have recently moved our website to a new and much faster server. This move will allow us to update our website with newer technology that will allow us to server the ever-growing numbers of visitors to this site. Unfortunately, the move caused some of the old technology to simply break. Our site has been running for over 20 years and some of the technology is that old.

Currently our event submission form is not working. For now we ask that you send your information by email to the address below.

You must include the following in you information:

The start location of the event (Please include an address)

The start time of the event

Provide information about all organized motorcycle activities.  In the case of a swap meet, please include the vendor fees.

For now it would be really important to include your phone number so we can call if any more information is needed.  It wouldn't hurt to include a flyer if you have it.


Send new event information to:


We expect to get a new submit form soon.