Featured Listings

Our website provides options for us to help you promote your event even more. At the same time you help us keep the website running by providing some financial support. This support helps us build the site bigger and better. It also pays our editors who spend a lot of time editing events and doing our best to publish each and every event quickly and accurately. Recently we have been able to use funds provided with the support of people like you to upgrade our site using new and more secure technology. We've go a lot more upgrades coming. We can only do that with your support. We don't think a $20.00 fee it too much to help us help you.

What are the advantages of a Featured Listing?

Published Sooner:
First of all we make you event a priority to publish on our site. Sometimes we get behind because wee get more events submitted to us that we can handle. This can cause us to take awhile to get your event published. With a Featured Listing we guarantee we will have your event published on our site within 48 hours of receiving all the required information. (Weekends and US holidays not included) If we don't get it published within the 48 hours we refund you fee but we still publish you event as a Featured Listing.

Your event promoted at the top of the area page:
We promote your event at the top of each event page for the area where your event takes place. How often your event shows up depends on how many people have chosen to upgrade their event. Each Featured Event will display with the logo or a "thumbnail" of the flyer along with the date and title of your event. Clicking on the date or title will take you to the information on your event. Clicking on the flyer thumbnail will take you to a large copy of the flyer. (Provided one has been supplied) Click on the large flyer will print the flyer.

Please note this applies only to the area where your event takes place. Pages such as Worldwide, North America, Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and others do not have the event displays. They appear only on Provence pages, state pages and country pages that are not decided to smaller areas.

Background image or color:
Customize your event with your choice of background colors or images. Your event will have a background image or a colored background to make it stand out on the event pages. We have a number of images and color schemes to choose from. We'll be adding more from time to time.

Add photos and a video:
We will add photos to your event listing if you'd like. We can even add a video. Perhaps you have some photos from previous events you would like to add. If people see that you have had a fun event in the past, they would be more likely to attend this year's event.Have a video with information? We can add that also. Please note we have a limit of 10 photos and 1 video. There area also limits on filesize for bothe photos and video.

Be aware this is a family site and we will reject any photos we feel are inappropriate for the site. Our internet service providers also have some requirements we must meet. We may also reject photos that may violate legal requirements. For example: a photo or a sick person that shows the persons illness or displays other medical information will not be included due to HIPPA laws. In effect we reserve the right to reject any photo for any reason what so ever.


This page is still under construction. However we can add your event as a featured listing now.
If you are interested please click here to email us