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Promote Your Biker Related Business

Create An Identity For Your Business.

Signup your business on Lets Ride. Join here by filling out the profile information. When the form asks for "Gender" select "Business." Fill out the member profile. Enter the Captcha information and select "submit". An email will be sent to the address you entered. Click on the link in the email and your business will be registered.

* Recommended: Set your privacy preferences. When you are logged in you will see the "Account" menu at the very top right of your screen. Select the Account drop down menu and then select "Privacy Settings". The settings will allow you to set your preferences on a number of options. Most important are the email notifications. Many people do not want to be bothered with notifications on some of these items. You can choose what you want receive and mark the others as "NO". Any item marked as NO will not send a email notification. You will still be able to see those items by logging into your account. In other words you can mark them all as No and still receive any information when you log in.

* Recommended: Edit your profile. There are a few things that can be added to your profile that was not included in the signup form. You can add this information, or edit existing information, by clicking on the "Profile" drop down menu and selecting "edit Profile". The Profile dropdown menu is found the very top of the page on the right side. Most of the information requested is designed for a person and not a business, however you should select the "About Me" tab and enter information about your business in the "About Me" section. Be sure to include a link to your website.

* Recommended: Edit your profile picture. You can change your profile picture by clicking on the "Profile" drop down menu and selecting "Edit Profile Picture". You can add your logo, a photo of your business or whatever you feel is appropriate. The Profile dropdown menu is found the very top of the page on the right side.

Now that you have your business registered you may take advantage of the options below:

Find Friends. Search the members for people in your target area. Ask them to be your friend. Some will and others won’t. You might be surprised how many people would like to keep in touch with you. When you post comments on your page it will show on theirs also. They may also choose to share it on other social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

Post Your Events This website was created for events. We have previously limited the events to activities where people actually use their motorcycle to participate. We have always wanted to open it up for other types of events and our "biker Social Network" finally allows us to do that. You can enter your rides, bike shows, open houses, bike nights and any other motorcycle related event. You can event enter information about special sales or promotions at your business. Just a word of caution. Try to keep it limited to important functions. If you add too many unwanted events people may start blocking your information. All members have the option of blocking all your content if they choose not to see what your information.

* Motorcycle Events: Events entered in our members section that qualify to be in our Motorcycle Events section will be added to that section by our staff. That listing may only include the basic information and a link will be provided that will allow visitors to go to the members section for more information. The Motorcycle Events section is only edited by our staff. The fact that they are linked provides a way for you to add new information and make changes as needed.

* Privacy settings: There is an option where you can set events so that only those who have accepted a "friend" request will see. This function allows you to target your event to friends only.

Publish a Blog. Blogs are a great way to provide information to the public and at the same time promote your business. Use blogs to keep people informed about changes to your business, current news, information about new products, services, or changes in existing products and services. Express your opinion about any motorcycle related subject. The options ore endless. Be sure to include good information. You may also include photos.

* Blogs are often abused by "Blog Spamers" and therefore all blogs must be approved by website administration. We expect blogs to be informative and not just a way to create links to a particular site. Of course you can include a legitimate link.

Add Photos and Videos. Photos and videos can be used to promote your business, or events. Photos and videos are a good way to show people what you are all about. If you promote an event you can create an album with photos from last years event. We'll link the event and the photos to help people get all the information about any event or activity. If you post a blog and want to include more photos, you can always create a photo album and have us link them together. People love to look at photos, especially if they think they or their friends may be in one. Photo albums make great promotion. Use them!

More promotion tools for members as well as non members.

Add a “Way Cool” Button to Your Website.

The "Way Cool" button is simply Let's Rides version of Facebook's "like" button. When you add it to a page people can click on the button and automatically add information about your page in their profile on our website. This not only advertises your site but it creates a link to your site. The links will help increase the ranking of your site in search engines such as Google. Let our members advertise for you by simply saying your page is "Way Cool". To add a "Way Cool" button click here and type your web address into the blank. Choose the size of button you want. generate the code and copy the code into the HTML on your site. The tool for creating your "Way Cool" button can be found at

Paid Advertising.

Paid advertising is also available. Call 720-221-7621 for information.

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