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A Premium Listing Is A Way To Tell Our Readers That You Support All Motorcycle Events

By upgrading you listing on www.lets-ride.com it tells people you care. For a small fee of $20.00 we will highlight your event and add a flyer (if one is provided). If your event hasn't been placed on our website we guarantee we will have the event posted within 48 hours after we have received complete information*.

The proceeds help us maintain this website. It cost more than you might think to have a staff of editors ready to add your event when you submit it to us. Your payment not only gets your event published faster but it provides enough extra to pay editors to expedite other events also. In effect you are not only helping yourself but you are helping others.

We post as many events as we can, as quickly as we can, but quite often we get more than we can handle. Your payment helps provide us with the resources so that we can not only publish more events but we can publish them quicker.

For more information or to upgrade your event to a premium listing click here.

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* We will publish premium events with in 48 hours after we receive all the required information or we receive payment, which ever is last. For example: If you pay for your event but you forget to enter the start time we will call you to get the info. We will publish the event within 48 hours from the time we receive the information. The 48 hours does not include weekends or U.S. National Holidays.

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