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Why advertise on

That's a very good question. The answers we give you may surprise you! We're not going to tell you that by advertising with us you are supporting the motorcycling community. We're not going to tell you that your advertising helps us provide a way for Motorcycle Rights Organizations get their message to the motorcycling public. We're not going to tell you that your advertising helps provide a way for motorcycle clubs to advertise their events, from local dinner runs to large rallies for charity. Were not going to tell you that it helps promote motorcycling in general. We're not going to tell you that stuff.... OK, maybe we just did, but that's not the main reasons we are going to give you for advertising with us.

We provide advertising value!
We do this by directing your advertisements to the people you want when you want. This is done in a number of ways.

Advertising on the internet can provide instant results!
The internet does provide advertising in a way no other media can. It can provide an instant connection to your site. You then can provide all the information a person may need about your product or service. In many cases you can even make the sale right online. Nothing is wrong with advertisements in newspapers, television, and radio. You need them to get people to recognize your business's name but none of them can provide an instant connection to your website.

Your advertising is targeted!
We target your ads to people who ride motorcycles. Our site also provides ways to advertise in you state only. This allows small business owners to advertise to people who may buy from them. Why pay to show your ad to someone in New York if your business operates only in California? On the other hand if you want to advertise nation wide or worldwide we have those options as well.

Your Advertisements run when you want them to!
You can set your ad to begin on a predetermined date and end on a predetermined date. You can have your ad change on a predetermined date. You can run a different ad on each day of the week. You can have them change based on the hour of the day. You can even use a combination of the above. 

You pay only for the advertisements that were seen!
With the internet also has the unique ability to know exactly how many times your ad was seen. Newspapers, radio and television can only tell you how often they ran your ad. They can usually do a pretty good job of guessing how many times it was read, heard, or seen. We provide a way for you to see how well your advertisement is doing. You can see how often it was seen and how often someone clicked on it to get more information. In the winter traffic to our site drops slightly. If your ad is seen less advertising costs also drop. Most internet sites charge you by the month. Quite often they tell you of the millions of "hits" they get each month. Quite often these claims are highly exaggerated. With our system you know how many times your ad was seen.++

++Due to proxy servers, cashing and other factors we can't guarantee 100% accuracy.

Our prices are affordable!
You can advertise for just pennies per day. You don't have to buy huge blocks of advertising to make an effective advertising campaign. There is no minimum purchase. Our advertising software allows you to advertise a little or a lot. You can choose to run 1000 advertisements over a year (or more) or you can run 10,000 ads in a week. The choice is yours. Use what fits your budget. You can use a simple text advertisement, expensive production ads, or anything in between. In most cases you can set up an effective advertising campaign that runs for a year on a single state page for the price you could pay for a single ad in most biker newspapers.

Our software makes your advertising campaign flexible!
We have made a substantial investment in software that allows us to tailor the advertising to fit your needs. In addition to the options we've already mentioned we can use other features of our software that allows us to provide you targeted advertising that's second to none. For more detailed information on the features of our software see our Advertising Management Software demonstration to see how it can benefit you.  

We include your advertisements on many of our e-mail to subscribers for free!
Perhaps the main way we can guarantee your advertisement will reach motorcyclists is through our e-mail notifications. Each day we send thousands of e-mails to our subscribers notifying them of updates on various pages of our site. This is e-mail that subscribers want to receive. They want to know when a page has been updated so they can see the information on new events as they are added. They are aware that an advertisement will be included in the e-mail. It is not spam. We hate spam and will never send spam. When we send an update notification, it is received by a few hundred to over a hundred thousand subscribers (depending on the list). Also, you ad isn't sent with every list. We take turns with all our advertisers. Even by taking turns you ad is sent to thousands of subscribes each week. Because we can't accurately track how often these ads are actually seen we don't charge you for any of them. It's just our bonus to you. 

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