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Our group exists to promote an enjoyable riding experience for new as well as experienced riders. We are a friendly group of intelligent, law abiding individuals from various professions and ethnically diverse. Mostly around 50 years old or older and sharing a passion for riding our group consists of varied skill levels: new riders; returning riders; and lifetime riders. We ride bikes of all brands and styles. Cruisers, sport-touring, American, European or Asian bikes are all ok with us. We ride in a laid back, enjoying the road kind of style.

On any given Saturday regardless of the weather throughout the year you can almost always expect to run into at least one or two Slow Riders sitting at their "club table" at the Brooklyn Deli in Potomac, MD. This is an opportunity for you to get to know them as guests are always welcome. Their rides begin after breakfast, usually around 9:15 - 9:30 am. They tend to be short rides between 100-200 miles and lasting from four to six hours. They stay off the highways and enjoy the scenic back roads. The group might head north towards Williamsport, MD, or west towards Middleburg, VA., and typically end up at one of their favorite lunch spots after which they head home.