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Should new members be required to upload a photo when they join? Any comments on this is welcome!

March 14, 2014 by
There are advantages and disadvantages of this. ----Advantages: Each member has a profile photo. this also makes it more difficult for those who try to abuse the website by posting unrelated advertisements. (spammers) ----Disadvantages: Potential members may not have a photo available when they ...
Len Conway
It's not very intuitive as to where you upload a picture.
Your right Len, We are working on that!
There may be some people who do not want their face all over the internet, not that many of us do not already have tons of pictures all over Facebook and other social media sites, but for whatever reason some folks may want to remain just a computer generated avitar.
You are right that many people don't want to add their photo. Of course they can add a photo of their bike, dog, girlfriend, kids or whatever. The main reason we were thinking about requiring it was to make it harder for the spammers. Many people use "robots" to sign up and then post advertisements ...
What about using one of those "Type in the text" anti-robot programs to verify that someone is not a robot at the time you sign up for an account? Not sure what the cost is if any but just a thought. I know on a free site you do not want to incur costs for running it but there should be some sort ...
Apparently you didn't remember but you used one of those when you signed up. Unfortunately the robots have learned to do those also. There is a new one available and I need to get it installed. I'm sure they would I'm sure they can program them to install a picture also. For now I delete them manu...
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