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need ideals

I opened a new leather store and I need some ideals to get business. I have thought about ride and poker runs but don't know how to start to any and all suggestions Smile
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You could try posting ads on Craig's List, they are free.
On this site you could post in the Events section if you plan an activity.
Good Luck to you.
Get a booth at a rally and promote there.
Vivian Winkles, On this site go to "pages" and create a page to promote your businesses. If you make a nice page we will promote it on our newsletters to let people know about your business. There is a problem right now where you can't add photos but if you want a photo included please let me know and I will put it on the page for you.

You can also write a blog about you business. We'll promote the blog also.

Do you have a website? We can help there also. (Go to ) Contact me if you need any help.
Use Facebook ads and google ad-word to drive interested customers to your store. I am also running a small motorcycle leather apparel store and getting business from FB ad mostly.
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