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Season Problems?

Hello everyone so as some of our riding seasons come to a end for 2015 was interested in what issues everyone had this season? As for me besides some basic stuff and a few upgrades my most major was the starter clutch on my 2007 Suzuki Boulevard and I ran over one big arse nail and blew my back tire. I've had the bike since June after I sold my Sportster. Since June I have traveled about 5200 miles. I did the work myself and was back up and running in about a week had to E-Bay the parts.And if anyone else has to change their starter clutch and it says you need the special tool. Go buy the special tool you'll save your knuckle's and you won't round out the bolt that holds your charging wheel on. Just a tip Lol. Oh don't be anywhere near a swear Jar. All in all the season is great our fall here in central California has lasted longer then it normally does and the Fall colors have been absolutely gorgeous. I still get to ride but now you pick your days a little slower because it gets a little cold but the bundle up and ride anyway days are nice and the wife always comes in so rosy when we get back. So heads up, Wheels down love ya all be safe out there
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