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First Forum Post

Wow, I get to make the first post on a brand new forum.Grin
This has not been a good winter for riding. Way too much snow. I usually get inn one or two rides a month every month but not this winter.
Waiting for the snow and ice to melt so I can ride.Grin
I hear you there. I live in Oklahoma and can't remember when it's been this cold for so long, or this wet to go with it. Normally, my bike gets ridden all but a few weeks during the winter, and those weeks are usually spread out. Bike has been sitting in the garage on the tender for the past three weeks now due to either blistering cold, or snow (and the remaining effects of the snow, sand and salt on the roads until a good rain comes).

Numerous times I've ridden to work with morning temps in the teens and twenties, but the ride home was usually in the 40s or 50s. This winter, the temps have remained in those teens and twenties throughout the entire day, so I've left it home.
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And here is my damn new comment on brand new biker forum Smile

I am also lover of motorcycle riding.
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