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Dale Schibbelhut
Shootout Leaves Nine Bikers Dead in Texas
Nine bikers will killed in a fight between rival clubs at the Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, Texas. The fight started with fists but quickly escalated to knives and guns. Eight people died at the rest...
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
MRF, ABATE & NHTSA discuss the Autocycle
May 1, 2015 -- The Motorcycle Riders Foundation along with ABATE of Illinois recently met with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to discuss certain three-wheeled vehicles c...
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Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Bikers Inside The Beltway - National Lobby Day
April 22, 2015 -- The Motorcycle Riders Foundation is pleased to report that the 7th annual Michael "Boz" Kerr Bikers Inside The Beltway will be held Thursday, May 14th, 2015 in the nation's capit...
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Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Motorcycle Only Checkpoint Ban Legislation Introduced
April 16, 2015 -- Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) announced April 16th that he filed a bill, H.R. 1861, to prohibit the federal funding of motorcycle only roadside checkpoints, the Motorcycle ...
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Keep Our Interstates Toll-Free
April 14, 2015 -- How would you like to see the number of tolls on America's interstates multiply like rabbits? That's just around the corner unless we make our voices heard. You may think the int...