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Motorcyclist vs. Big Rig


As motorcyclists, we strive to make our presence on the highway known. Sharing the road with the standard suburban car can be obtained by keeping a safe distance and utilizing gear to make ourselves easily recognizable. Although these tactics help; motorcyclists are still very much exposed to the road and run a high risk of danger when commuting around large 18-wheeler trucks. For motorcyclists to ride with safety in mind, we must make ourselves ready for the unpredictable. Although these large trucks make up only a portion of the highway’s population, reported accidents show that they are a huge part of devastating accidents. Take these factors into account when sharing the road with these big rigs. Keeping DistanceOne of the best ways to ensure that you are reducing your risk around a big rig is to keep a safe distance. When tailgating an 18-wheeler truck you aren’t visible to a driver and your safety is on the line. Leaving a considerable amount of distance will increase the duration of your reaction time which could help you avoid a preventable accident. Although this is a great tip for motorcyclists, all motorist can benefit from this safe practice. Avoid WeavingFor those with experience, you may feel more comfortable weaving in and out of lanes to avoid sitting in long lines of traffic; however, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Not only is this behavior dangerous, it’s also considerably reckless. For other drivers, your actions may seem unpredictable and your next move could throw off another driver. This can become particularly more dangerous when weaving around a big rig. Swerving around traffic and large trucks can create a ripple effect starting with an 18-wheeler slamming on its brakes. Be considerate and merge responsibly. This could save your life and the lives of others. Respecting Weather ConditionsAnother major factor to consider are the road conditions affected by weather. Strong winds and heavy rain can reduce visibility and increase the chances of an accident. For motorcyclists, it makes it more difficult considering the exposure to these elements. Riding responsibly would entail that you consider the current weather conditions and the conditions of your destination. If you ride into an unexpected patch of thunderstorms, find coverage and pull over. Riding in the rain isn’t worth risk your life when other motorists are flying by on slick asphalt. This type of weather significantly effects a truck driver’s ability to operate a vehicle pulling thousands of pounds of weight. Pulling over and waiting the storm out can be the difference between life and death. There are many obstacles on the road and accidents can seem inevitable; however, there are countless accidents that are easily preventable. Do your part and ride responsibly.

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