Have you submitted a website but it doesn't show up in either the Links Section or the Search Engine?

If your can't find your link in our links section, read this page. You should find the answer! 

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There are a number of different reasons your site won't show up after it has been submitted. This page will give you many of the reasons and an explanation of what you can do to correct the problem. If you are unable to get the answer from this page please e-mail . Please include the name of the site and the URL that you are unable to find. 

If you just submitted the website, it may be awaiting approval from our staff.

When the website is submitted it does not automatically go into our search engine. Our staff will check your site first to make sure it qualifies for our search engine and links. We usually check the site within a day of two after it has been submitted but it can take a few weeks. When we approve the site we will send you an e-mail stating that your site was approved. At that point your site will be added to our search engine. Your site may not show in the links for another one or two days.

If we reject the site we will notify you of the reason. It usually doesn't mean that you have a bad site. We have some guidelines but to get right down to it, we are the judge. If you don't like our decision there's not much you can do about it.

Your site may not qualify for our listings.

We add motorcycle sites. Your site must be something that is aimed at motorcyclists. This can be a bit hard to judge but we do our best. If we reject your site and you feel we are wrong you may state your case by writing to the e-mail address above. We'll listen to your argument but that doesn't mean we'll change our mind. 

We will reject your site if it is an "adult" site. That doesn't mean your site must be completely "G" rated, but we do not accept porn sites. 

We will reject your site if the description is misleading. If you claim to be one thing, you should live up to your claims. Don't lie to us. Nobody likes a liar!

We will reject your site if you must pay to view it. If your site is a club site and it has a members only section, that's OK, even if you have to pay a membership. We just don't want to be an advertiser to a "pay to view" site.

We do not post sites for companies and websites that send spam. We hate spam! We will remove any site that we find is being promoted by spam. 

We reject sites that have no real information for the motorcycling community. Many personal pages fit in this category. Just because your site may have a photo or two of your motorcycle doesn't make it a motorcycle website.

We do not accept sites that use "search engine spaming" to boost their rankings. If you have keywords that have nothing to do with the content of your site, we will remove you from our Links and Search Engine. 

The information above is a brief description of why we might reject a site. It may not include all reasons. We reserve the right to reject any site for any reason! 

Your site name and information may actually be in our Search Engine and Links but may not be recognizable.

This is actually a very common problem. The information displayed on our site actually comes from your site. Our program scans your site and gets information for our Links and Search Engine. If you change information on your site it may change the information on ours. The information gathered by our site, as well as many other search engines, are generated by the "meta tags" on your site. Because they are not seen when you view the site they are quite often ignored.

When you submitted your site you should have received an e-mail stating you have been accepted. Along with that e-mail you received a copy of what your listing will look like. If your website is well written and you have proper "meta tags" your site will show up properly on our site. If you don't have proper "meta tags" your site may or may not be very visible to our search engine as well as others. In our Links and Search Engine you may find many listings like this one:

URL: http://hometown.aol.com/abateditor/index.htm - 2KB - 09 Mar 2003

The website above does nothing to explain what the site is about. There is no title so you know what the name of the site is, and no description to explain what you will find on the site. If you were looking for "ABATE of Michigan" you probably wouldn't recognize it from the above listing. (Sorry, ABATE of Michigan, I didn't really mean to pick on you.)

Here is a good example.

ABATE of Minnesota Inc. American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education
Minnesota's motorcyclist rights organization. Insure your freedom by fighting anti-bike legislation and promoting fair motorcycle legislation. Does not advocate that you ride without a helmet, only that you have the right to decide.
URL: http://abatemn.org/ - 16KB - 24 Jan 2003

The listing above does an excellent job of explaining what it's about. It's easy to find and accurate. It most likely took very little time to write the proper "meta tags" yet it increases the chance of being found tremendously.

If you would like more information on "meta tags" go to http://www.lets-ride.com/links/Search-Engine-Optimization.htm. If you still have question feel free to e-mail us at the above e-mail address. We'll look at your site and see if we can help.

You fixed your "meta tags" but it didn't change on our site?

OK. Wait a while! Maybe up to 30 days. Our search engine will go back and re-index your site every 30 days. It won't know you've made a change until then. In other words it may take 30 days to change on our site. If you can't wait that long please e-mail us at the above address and ask us to index sooner. Be sure to mention the URL of your site. If were really in a good mood we'll re-index you site right away.

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