Requirements for submitting events.

Please read the information below to determine if your event qualifies to be published on our website.

When you submit your event be sure to include enough information so that we know your event meets our requirements. For example: If you are doing a bike show don't just tell us "There will be a bike show". That really doesn't tell us anything. For all we know you are parking a bike where someone can look at it. We would need to know it's a competitive show. It would probably be best if you include the entry fee, classes to be judged, and what winners will receive.  We realize you may not have all the details worked out. Simple information will work, such as " Entry fee is $10.00. Bikes are judged in various categories and trophies will be awarded."

Note:  For our website a motorcycle is any vehicle legally registered as a motorcycle. This can include Trikes and mopeds. We will also post off road events for off road, or duel sport, motorcycles.  We do not post ATV events.

Note:  The number of motorcycle attending any event does not override the information specified above. 10,000 bikers attending a concert still makes it a concert and we won't publish information about the concert.  Also only a few bikes attending a poker run does not do away with it being posted.