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Submit Form for a Motorcycle Event in Canada
This form is used for free event listings as well as Premium Listings.

We publish motorcycle events only.  Our definition of a "motorcycle event" my differ from yours. To see if your event can be posted on our site please see the publishing guidelines by clicking on the button below.


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Note: In an effort to reduce "spam" your real e-mail address is not posted.  We also use a JavaScript to help protect your e-mail address.  The e-mail is also monitored by our staff to intercept spammers and scammers. For more explanation please click on button below.  You will be able to return to finish this form.

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Information About Your Event:
Please enter information about your event. your e-mail address here. Include enough information so that we publish an accurate description of this event. We have added some information is the form below to remind you of information we need. These are guidelines for you. You may type over them or leave them in place. Some information is required. We will not publish your event if you do not include the required information. The required information is explained here:

  • We will not publish your event without the start location: We need and address or well known location to post your event. We do not accept locations such as "downtown" or "on Main Street". A specific location is required. If you event covers a large area, give us the registration point or headquarters.

  • We will not publish your event with out the start time: We need the start time for the event. Why post an event if you don't want to tell people when to be there. If your event is a multi-day event be sure to tell us when it opens on the first day. It's not good to ride to an event at 8:00am only to find the gates don't open until 5:00pm. It's also frustrating to arrive at 5:00pm and realized you missed part because it started at 8:00am. An accurate start time is especially important to people who need to travel a large distance to attend.

  • We will not publish your event if you do not include information on motorcycle activities: (Motorcycle swap meets do not require organized motorcycle activities) We consider a "motorcycle activity" to be any organized activity where people actually use their motorcycle as part of the event. Motorcycle activities can include, but are not limited to, poker runs, organized rides, bike games, bike parades, burnout contests, competitive bike shows, motorcycle racing and other organized activities where people use their motorcycle. Don't just mention these activities but give us some details.

    Enter your event information here: (prompts have been added to help you provide the required information)

    Check the information you have provided above.  If everything is correct click submit.  You will then see a confirmation form indicating the information was received.  We will review the information and publish the motorcycle event as soon as possible. We publish all motorcycle events as quickly as possible but at times we have high volumes of submissions and limited time available. We can not guarantee your event will be published

    If you would like to upgrade your event to a Premium Listing, we will review your information and guarantee to have it published with in 48 hours.*  There are also other benefits for upgrading. Your option to upgrade will be found after you click on Submit.


    * We will publish premium listings with in 48 hours after we receive all the required information or we receive payment, which ever is last. For example: If you pay for your event but you forget to enter the start time we will call you to get the info. We will publish the event within 48 hours from the time we receive the information. The 48 hours does not include weekends or U.S. National Holidays. Events that have start locations in more than one state will require one listing per state.