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Enter all important information about motorcycle activities at this event. Be sure to include starting address, start time, fees (if any) and what the event is about.   If this is a "closed event" (only certain people, such as "members" can attend) please explain that also. Stick to he facts. We will edit out any "hype".

IMPORTANT: There are three pieces of information that we must have. We will not publish your event without the start time, the location, and information on the motorcycle activities! 
Tell us where it starts! We won't post your event without that information! We need and address or well known location to post your event.  We do not accept locations such as "downtown" or "on Main Street".  A specific location is required.  If you event covers a large area, give us the registration point or headquarters. We need enough information so that people can ride to the event without searching for it. 

Tell us what time it starts!  We won't post your event without that information!  We need the start time for the event. Why post an event if you don't want to tell people when to be there. If your event is a multi-day event be sure to tell us when it opens on the first day.  It's not good to ride to an event at 8:00am only to find the gates don't open until 5:00pm. It's also frustrating to arrive at 5:00pm and realized you missed part because it started at 8:00am. 

We must have information on the motorcycle activities.  We consider a "motorcycle activity" to be any organized activity where people actually use their motorcycle. We do not post motorcycle rallies that no not have motorcycle activities.  Motorcycle activities can include, but are not limited to, poker runs, organized rides, bike games, bike parades, burnout contests, competitive bike shows,  motorcycle racing and other organized activities where people use their motorcycle.  We also publish swap meets provided it meets certain conditions. More information on this can be found at

Don't tell us to go to your website to find the information!  If you don't care enough about your event to include the information, then why should we care enough to go looking

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