Grant Allows Oklahoma City Campus to Hold Motorcycle Safety Classes

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 March 26, 2012

Grant Allows Oklahoma City Campus to Hold Motorcycle Safety Classes

The Oklahoma Highway Safety Office has given a grant to Oklahoma City’s Center for Safety and Emergency Preparedness to hold free motorcycle safety classes. These Ready to Ride, or R2R, courses for the public, according to a press release. The classes will be given between April and September.

The courses were created by a OSU-OKC Precision Driving Training motorcycle instructor and are intended to allow motorcyclists to continue their safety knowledge while in a safe, enclosed environment.

The course will allow more experienced riders to learn safety techniques, such as swerving, emergency braking, riding with a passenger, and more.

Riders are encouraged to complete the Beginning Rider Course or Experienced Rider Course before attending the R2R program.

There will also be a Spring Tune-Up on from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on May 5 in Oklahoma City, which is designed to allow riders to polish up their driving skills.

These courses are designed to help riders feel comfortable and confident about their driving skills, and also increase the overall safety of people on the road.

More information on the courses can be found by calling (405) 945-3208.